Friday, March 2, 2012

My Sailboat Conundrum

Making a pattern (any pattern really) can be a little challenging. My "newest" creation was just that. I got the idea a couple months’ back when surfin the web. I love everything coastal and when you type the word "coastal" in Google’s search engine you get just that, everything. That is when I came across a cute little sailboat doorstop. I knew I could make my own version but it would take some patience (which I was never born with and have never achieved) and my patternmaking skills. Easy-Peasey! After several prototypes shown below (don't laugh, it's a process) and some revelations while sleeping (oh yes! I get great trouble shooting ideas while I am sleeping) I came up with my Coastal Sailboat Doorstop!!
~Sailboat Pattern~

Dud #2 (see better)
Dud #1 (stop laughing!)

I ship the sailboat with a handful of batting for the sails tip (this helps it keep its shape) and nothing else. When you receive it you fill with uncooked rice (about 4-1/2 - 5 cups). I even put in a hidden zipper closure! Fill - Zip -Done! How cute is that!
Boy .... am I messy!

The Finished Product!!!!

The completed Sailboat Doorstops measure 9" wide x 13" tall and retails in my ETSY Shop for $35. They come in Sailor's Red or Sailor's Blue. You can also choose your own number!


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