Friday, January 25, 2013

Fantastic Finds Friday - 10 Under $50 Finds!

Going shopping this weekend online? Well if you are take a look at these fantastic finds at some of our favorite home decor sites all for under $50!
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Enameled Salad Server Set
Pier 1 Imports

Modern Sunburst Wall Clock in Teal

Set of 6 Cheese Forks
Ballard Designs

Sea Glass Lamp
Pier 1 Imports

Juice Mercado Baskets
Serena & Lily
$48 set of 2
Sailcloth Drawstring Bag
Cottage and Bungalow

Rugby Stripe Denim Rain or Shine Accent Rug 2' x 3'
Cottage and Bungalow

Seahorse Beach Towel
Joss and Main
Classic Stripe Towels
Pottery Barn

Trina Turk Lumbar Pillow Cover
12" x 20"
California Livin Home on Etsy

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So Cal Day Trip *~* Old Town Temecula

From the beaches to the mountains, Southern California has its share of places to go and things to see not to mention the great restaurants. But if you are not into going to the beach than I suggest you get in your car and take a drive inland. There are so many fascinating and fun places you can get to from the 91 and some are even historical. Old Town Temecula is one of them. Old Town has been around since 1882 when the California Railroad came through the valley and local investors created the first Bank. The western charm still remains in the old buildings and wooden sidewalk planks. Whether you're looking for a quick day trip or planning to stay for a couple days, there is plenty to see and do in the Temecula Wine Country.

Good eatin'. Our favorite BBQ ! Sweet Lumpy's.

A Balloon & Biplane Adventure by California Dreamin'
Experience the beauty of the Temecula Wine Country from above on their Sunrise Hot Air Balloon flight. Celebration packages for birthdays and anniversaries are as well as Gift Certificates are available and make a wonderful gift for any special occasion.

The Grapeseed Spa at Southcoast Winery Resort


Temecula Carriage Company

Temecula horse drawn tours through the vineyards.  Ride in a carriage drawn by elegant horses. Private carriage or horse drawn shuttle trolley available.
For reservations or more information, visit

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Decorating with Antiques

Seashells - Silver Trays & Bowls
Decorating your home with antiques is easy to get into but hard to master. Filling a room with antiques simply because they’re antiques is never a good idea. One pitfall you want to avoid is making your home look like an antique shop or museum. Interior decorators are always talking about the importance of balance and proportion. Decorating for most of us is finding that perfect balance of aesthetics and comfort. But sometimes that can be hard. With a little creativity and patience (oh yes it does take a lot of this) one can find that adding those antique treasures can be quite easy.

How cute are these guy's? Antique Dog's atop an Armoire

Just imagine what adding an antique family heirloom to the mix could do to a room. Many collections are easy to integrate into your décor. For example, display “like” items. My sister in law collected for a time fish lures. After she had collected a great assortment she had them mounted and framed. My mother in law collects cobalt glassware. She has creatively displayed them on a narrow shelf that wraps her kitchen. Also, don’t forget, antiques or new items should be grouped in odd numbers: odd numbers are more appealing to the eye! For me the most difficult antique to integrate into my home was furniture. Finding that right spot when it may not match the scale and décor of a room. I still have an antique chair that I am searching a spot for. Don’t give up. You have to be truly creative when placing these pieces. 
Sea photos grouped together~
Glassware & Pewter Chargers from Flea Markets
So take your time when decorating with antiques. If you don’t have a place for it today wait a while. Our tastes change, we move furniture around as if they were chess pieces and soon that piece that you could not find a place for will be found!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Treasure *~*~* Beach Glass

First find of the afternoon!
  This past Saturday was another beach day for my husband and me. We set off to the beach for a couple hours of our favorite pastime, collecting sea glass. Why collect sea glass? What is it about a piece of worn surf-tumbled glass that is so alluring? To us it is the hunt! As a native Californian I am very lucky to live by the beach. My husband and I enjoy taking long walks along the surf to find our colorful treasures. We have made it our “Saturday thing to do”. Get up in the morning, do our chores than off on our beach cruisers to the beach when the tide is low. After a storm is the best. I can honestly say that it has become a passion of ours. To find a shiny piece of bright green glass than followed by a clear piece and then another in amber. Once you start the hunt, it is hard to stop. This past Saturday was what we called a good glass day!

   Being able to spend time at the beach, watching and listening to the surf and seeing an occasional sunset gives one a very relaxing sense of connection with the ocean. The ocean provides one with respect of its sheer vastness and alluring mystery. To a child, I have found it is an excitement, a mystery of how the tide comes in than goes out, bringing with it an assortment of seaweeds and tiny shells.

   While walking the beach I have learned quite a bit from my husband. He is a walking encyclopedia about all things ocean, describing species of seaweed, shells and the ebbs and flow of the almighty sea. On this day we came upon a few rocks that had kelp attached to them. “Those are called holdfast” a “holdfast is a root like structure like kelp that anchors or literally glues itself to a substrate (rock) my husband replied.

Fishermen fishing for Sand Sharks.

A pair of needle nose pliers I found made for easy glass digging.

A rock shaped exactly like a chicklet!

Our day ended with a good haul of glass treasures from our favorite glass hangout,
Doheny Beach in Dana Point, CA.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

DIY Headboard Ideas * Recycle-Up-Cycle!

A Great headboard can completely transform a bedroom and make a beautiful focal point. Sure you can take the easy route and purchase one from a furniture store but why not improvise and come up with a headboard that takes the originality level in your bedroom to the moon! There are so many ideas out there and I bet you have a great imagination or you would not be here reading my blog. Have a limited budget? One can become very creative with tossed out items. You name it. Anything from door frames, mantels, picket fences, fabric, it can be used! This is one way to recycle or should I say up-cycle something that may have been tossed in the garbage or just collecting dust in the attic.... say a few old oars or shutters. If you are looking for incredible headboard ideas, you are in luck, as I have gathered a collection of inspiring headboard ideas that will surely fit with your bedroom and your budget. Many of them you can make on your own. So make that personal statement in your bedroom and check out the pics I have below. Don’t forget to let me know which one is your favorite!

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Shhhhh. Shutter's sleeping........zzzzzzz.

How about a string of capiz shells. Remember those old door hangers with beads? You get the idea!


Spray paint that old room divider and have an instant fabulous headboard idea.

Shelf with pegs and cushion. Voila! Headboard. Magnifique!!

Old chippy windows with fabric pasted onto pane. How creative~

This is something you may have in your attic.....old hockey sticks.

Uphostered fabric boards!

Door + Gate = GREAT headboard idea!

Simple fabric screens.

You are not mistaken. That is a pallet!

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