Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coastal Color Combo - INDIGO & AQUA BLUES

I love this color combination~
Cool Aqua Blues with a Dramatic Indigo.

Thanks for taking a peek ~
Sharon :0)

1. Charlotte Moss Fabric - "Caroline" in Pool
2. Dermond Peterson Folkloric Seahorse Indigo Table Runner
3. Del Mar Dinnerware in Indigo
4. Mary McDonald - Concentric Diamond Table Lamp
5. Mimosa Frames in Indigo
6. Charlotte Moss Fabric - "Charlotte" in Pool
7. Calico Corners - "Cotillion Stripe" in Seabreeze
8. Gelato Tray in Indigo
9. Thomas Paul fabric - "Plume" in Peacock
10. Kenza Dinnerware in Indigo

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