Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Town - San Juan Capistrano Annual Swallows Day Parade

Here in my new little town close to the Ocean we have a huge event celebrating the Swallows return from migration, tradionally originating in the town of Goya, Argentina, on Saint Joseph's Day (March 19) each year, a day celebrated by the city's annual Swallow's Day Parade and other events with characters from the Old West.  My husband and I ventured downtown early saturday morning to check out the parade. The Swallows' Day Parade is the nation's largest non-motorized parade. It is organized and presented by the San Juan Capistrano Fiesta Association and takes place right in down-town San Juan Capistrano. The theme for this year's 54th Swallows Day Parade was "How the West was Fun". The 1940 hit song "When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano", written by Leon RenĂ©, is a love song centering on these annual events. The parade and all the participants young and old, equestrian and a pig even as well as the two of us had a great time. I took a lot of pictures and wanted to show you several of my favorites.

                                                                               Thanks for taking a peek!
                                                                                                  Sharon ~

I was told by a gal standing next to us who owned horses that this was a
"Leopard Appaloosa"

You talkin' to me?

Semper Fidelis! OOH-RAH! Our Servicemen~

I loved all the bright colors!


That's all folks! I mean it. That's all!

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