Saturday, March 17, 2012

Outdoor Decorating - Think Vertical!

Woolly Pockets- Wallys         

I was at my local garden center the other day and found these totally cool fabric pockets that you hang on a wall or fence. Fill with soil and plants, voila! instant vertical garden art.

Wallys are the best way to vertically garden on just about any type of wall or fence, indoors or out. They come in Three sizes, and well… they rule! Like building blocks, Wallys are easy to install and totally modular and love to hang out in any combination, alone or with friends. Wally Three and Five don’t mind sharing, and will let roots grow from Pocket to Pocket. All Wallys love a good party, and they’ll even keep things quieter by absorbing sound when their Pockets are full.
Wallys have built-in moisture protection which helps protect floors and walls from getting wet and when used outside help retain moisture.

Check them out! They are so cool!   
Sharon :0)

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