Friday, March 30, 2012

Slippin Southern ~ One of a Kind Handcrafted Signs

Roaming around Etsy Shops is always one of my favorite things to do (when I am not sewing). I have come across some pretty unusual and bizarre shops but also unique and creative ones as well. One such shop that I have in my "favorites" category and that I will purchase from someday is Slippin Southern. This shop popped into mind just yesterday and I was working on my latest "project" (I will be blogging about it next week, so come back!) The owner is a recent transplant to North Carolina and his name is Greg. A former art director/creative director in advertising. Now a full-time artist. He lives in a 100 year old plus farm house. He is reminded of simple words and phrases reminiscent of his youth in Pensacola, Florida that give him the creativity for some of these signs that he makes out of 1/2" Southern Pine Plywood. Check it out! I have my eye on this Mermaid! Slippin Southern Shop on Etsy

Thanks for taking a peek!
Sharon ~

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Small Space, BIG ideas!

Have a small house, studio or apartment that you just don't know how to decorate?

I have had the same dilemma! Our Condo Loft. One big room downstairs with an open concept (essentially just 4 walls, one mostly glass) and the kitchen. Decorating a Loft or any small space can be fun if you use the right scale furniture and keep it to a minimal. Sectionals work great because essentialy it is one large sofa that will comfortably seat (if you are lucky) 8 people. No need for an accent chair (unless you have the space). Remember, lofts and studios are open concept, which means, no walls or very few. Your dining is open to the living which is open to the kitchen. In lofts you have the bonus of vaulted ceilings. Love um'. 16 foot soaring walls to draw your eye up (which also gives you the illusion of more space!) Art can be massive on these types of walls, and shelving can be placed higher. Open shelf units (like the one above) can separate and define the spaces between living and dining but also keep your eye moving thru the space so it appears larger instead of a solid shelving which will stop the eye and make each area appear smaller. Area rugs can also define a space like this one above does under the small round dining room table. Whether you have hardwood floors or not (area rugs can also be placed on top of low pile carpets. Note, the dining room tables glass a small space glass top tables work great.

Peering down from the loft bedroom you can see the spaciousness a sectional gives the room without being to cramped. It is one BIG piece not several individual pieces that sometimes make a room seem more like a maze to walk thru. Simple round glass (another clear option) side table with a lamp makes a nice accent. An Outside Patio is a nice bonus space for more entertaining and outdoor furniture if the party overflows from the living area. Whether you live in a small house a studio or a small apartment or loft...great spaces start with great pieces of the right size furniture.

Thanks for taking a peek!
Sharon :0)

(BTW....this is our Loft Condo! Decorated by your's truly~)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Skinny on Horizontal Stripes

I love stripes! Vertical not so much, they remind me of bars but horizontal, I adore. They can take a room from ho-hum to wow. They can even make a room appear larger (like they do when you wear horizontal stripes) your eyes go outward, vertical stripes work better on you here. I myself stay away from wearing vertical stripes. At 6' I really do not need to appear taller thank you very much. You can add stripes to just one wall or all. Colors? Two is typical but three or four? What a statement that will make!

While these stripes add a soft calming effect to walls, striped soft furnishings also play an important role. Mix it up like they did here. Notice the weight of the shades of blues? Everything about this room says, "I am soft". They compliment each other instead of distract.

Now here we have bold color stripes. If this room was talking it would be shouting. I love it all, the colors, the size, what's not to love?

Above is simply elegant!! Greys and White, White & Greys. Very Chic~

 How about stripes in a little nook?
Just enough for a statement in a mustard yellow room.

I love this look. Seaside Style. Blues, Browns and White!

Whatever your style, stripes add interest. Did you notice in some of the pictures that stripes are all you need on the walls? Art becomes secondary.
Stripes are all you need!

Thanks for taking a peek~
Sharon :0)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Coral ~ The unexpected Sizzle !

Coral is one of those colors that many consider a shade for lipstick or nail polish, oh contrare! Don't be afraid of the shade of what some consider orange or is it pink or is it a pinkish orange?  Coral in any room makes a vibrant statement. Use on an accent  wall or in accessories to bring interest to your room. Corals complimentary color is Teal or Turquoise. When paired together watch out, they sizzle!

Shades of Coral
Add intersting objects in your room! I do love this piece.

or a piece of art with Coral~

Small touches add interest.

Accent wall idea.

Don't be afraid to use it in your bathroom as well.

Coral as an accent. This is a small dose.

Consider the pictures above on your next trip to a home or paint store. In small doses or large, Coral adds an unexpected color to any room!

Thanks for taking a peek!
Sharon :0)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Town - San Juan Capistrano Annual Swallows Day Parade

Here in my new little town close to the Ocean we have a huge event celebrating the Swallows return from migration, tradionally originating in the town of Goya, Argentina, on Saint Joseph's Day (March 19) each year, a day celebrated by the city's annual Swallow's Day Parade and other events with characters from the Old West.  My husband and I ventured downtown early saturday morning to check out the parade. The Swallows' Day Parade is the nation's largest non-motorized parade. It is organized and presented by the San Juan Capistrano Fiesta Association and takes place right in down-town San Juan Capistrano. The theme for this year's 54th Swallows Day Parade was "How the West was Fun". The 1940 hit song "When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano", written by Leon RenĂ©, is a love song centering on these annual events. The parade and all the participants young and old, equestrian and a pig even as well as the two of us had a great time. I took a lot of pictures and wanted to show you several of my favorites.

                                                                               Thanks for taking a peek!
                                                                                                  Sharon ~

I was told by a gal standing next to us who owned horses that this was a
"Leopard Appaloosa"

You talkin' to me?

Semper Fidelis! OOH-RAH! Our Servicemen~

I loved all the bright colors!


That's all folks! I mean it. That's all!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mailbox Makeover - It's a Shore thing!

Good Saturday Morning to Everyone!

The weekend is finally here. I usually get in my "weekend" mode on Friday's. My mind is always clicking along at light speed wondering, thinking and planning on where I want to go or what I want to conquer around the house this weekend. My planning started earlier in the week while shopping. I had been contemplating what to do with our dirty little rusty mailbox that came with the house when we purchased it but had yet to get to it or buy a new one. I had a thought what I was thinking about doing but needed some supplies to do so. So while out Tuesday at my favorite fabric haunts I stumbled (okay drove directly to) a great home store in Costa Mesa called TPT Home. Looking around I came upon what I needed for my mailbox makeover.....a bag of Shells! How pretty was that going to be? Well you decide below. I have posted several pics of before, during and after the makeover.
I absolutely adore it and I hope the mailman does too.
Thanks for taking a peek ~
                         Sharon :0)
Before - Rusty & Dirty

I applied the shells with a hot glue gun. No pattern "anything goes"!

After applying most of the shells I took jute string and wrapped it around the handle, gluing it at each end and in intervals to keep the jute taunt.

Ta-Da! All done. I absolutely adore it!!! Is it too pretty to get bills???
 One can hope ~ LOL!

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Step up from Carpet ~ House Remodel Part IV

Before & After we ripped out the carpet.
 With the recent purchase of our new home there was a lot of items that either needed to be replaced (like ALL the interior doors) or painted (try EVERYTHING!) and last but not least the upstairs carpet (which was ripped out and burned) okay just ripped out. I knew we would replace the carpet in the rooms upstairs but what about the stairs???? I absolutely did not want to re-carpet them. My whole theme for this house was to "go coastal". If we were going to live by the beach we needed to make a full commitment to the "beach look" which I felt meant an update rather than more carpet.  As my husband repeated over and over, "It would be easier to clean and cheaper to do if we just stuck with carpet" I constantly reminded him of the "look" we were going for. The finished look I told him would be worth the extra money.

Since we are determined DIY'ers I found a company online that would sell us the unstained oak retro-treads and unpainted risers, we could stain, varnish and paint them ourselves.
*Retro stair treads and risers are solid stair treads and risers with a slightly different shape and thickness specifically made to replace a carpeted stair with a new hardwood step of a particular specie or color. Retro replacement stair treads and risers are designed to be installed over the existing stairs in a stairwell. Because the installation is much easier than our traditional 1" treads, the retro stair treads and risers are the perfect products for do-it-yourself'ers...*

As for installing...we could do that as well. After staining and varnishing and painting everything we were ready. After a few bumps and a slow start we got into a rhythm. It is definitely not a "weekend warrior" project. It does take time for stain and varnish to all dry, not to mention the 5 coats of varnish!

After. I think they came out smashing!

After all was said and done we both agreed that our choice was the right one. No carpet! I have some wonderful stair ideas below that show what you can do with stairs besides carpet and they take only time and a little bit of money.

Tape, Patience and a couple quarts of Paint
or how about a roll of wallpaper!

Serena & Lily.....

Bright Bold Colors!!!!

I believe this is a wallpaper

Love the shades of Blues and the Rope railing, so Nautical!

Thanks for taking a peek :0)
Sharon ~
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