Monday, March 26, 2012

Coral ~ The unexpected Sizzle !

Coral is one of those colors that many consider a shade for lipstick or nail polish, oh contrare! Don't be afraid of the shade of what some consider orange or is it pink or is it a pinkish orange?  Coral in any room makes a vibrant statement. Use on an accent  wall or in accessories to bring interest to your room. Corals complimentary color is Teal or Turquoise. When paired together watch out, they sizzle!

Shades of Coral
Add intersting objects in your room! I do love this piece.

or a piece of art with Coral~

Small touches add interest.

Accent wall idea.

Don't be afraid to use it in your bathroom as well.

Coral as an accent. This is a small dose.

Consider the pictures above on your next trip to a home or paint store. In small doses or large, Coral adds an unexpected color to any room!

Thanks for taking a peek!
Sharon :0)

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