Sunday, February 23, 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

Pink Room's for Valentine's Day

Hello Everyone and Happy Valentine's Day!
Have you ever found a pillow, area rug or home decor accessory that was primarily pink  and you loved it but had no idea where to use it? Look no further! Whether it's a piece of artwork a sofa or draperies have no fear of the color PINK !!! You can do this.......

Hints of Pink
This area rug is a great jumping point for adding color to an otherwise neutral sea of  ivories. Splash a few solid pink pillows on the sofa and you have a fabulous room.

Or, go all the way!
Around the room that is with painting the walls pink. The white ceilings and trim tone down the pink allowing the furniture and accessories to shine.

Floor to Ceiling
Draperies add a fun element here with bright pink bedding, chair and wall paint.

Fun & Functional Grown Up Room
Pink is no longer just for babies and little girls rooms. Painting shades of pink on the walls behind open bookcases makes all your white accessories POP.

Kick it up!
Adding the hottest pink around on a headboard, chairs and a bench make this plain white room a real eye opener.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Day Sweets for Him

Happy Friday Everyone!
With Valentine's Day a week away (Oh yes you only have a week) I am reminded of the saying,
 "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach".
My husband would agree, to Chocolate that is. He loves Chocolate!
I came across these 3 delectable-desserts for the one you love.
Which one will I be making for my Valentine?

Now what man would pass these up? Find the recipe here.


YUMMY! With a capital YUM!!
Find the recipe

Layers of Valentine goodness!
Find the recipe

Sunday, February 2, 2014

8 Guest Room Essentials

Happy Sunday Everyone!
I hope your weekend is going splendidly. Now just for a minute, think Hotel. Not a 5-star hotel that would be a little to lofty (or maybe not) but how about a 3-star hotel. Okay, now what do you want in your 3-star hotel room? I know it comes with a bed, but what comforts would you like? When we have guests stay at our house I want to make sure they are comfortable. I want my guests to feel like they are in a hotel suite with all the comforts of home. So, I came up with "My Top-8 Must Have Guest Room Essentials".  It may not be a 5-star hotel, but it is pretty darn close. Make your next guests stay one to remember!
Must Have #1
Comfortable Mattress & White Sheets
I like to sleep in a comfortable bed and the only way to find out
if you have one in your guest room is to sleep in it yourself.
 I also like high thread count sheet sets, preferably in white.  
Make sure your guests stay is one they will remember!

Must Have #2
Most guests will want to relax after a day of shopping.
A nice comfortable chair in the room can get them started!

Must Have #3
Extra Blankets
I have a sister in law that runs a little cold even in Southern California.  

Don't second guess your guests comfort level in any season.
Always have a few extra blankets set out just in case!

Must Have #4
Nothing earth shattering here.
I like to sleep at night preferably in the dark and so do most guest's.
Outdoor street lights, neighbors porch lights can be well, distracting.
Having curtains that darken a room not only allow for privacy but a good 
night's sleep as well.

Must Have #5
Side table/nightstand with lamp & alarm clock

A lot of us read in bed and a nightstand with a table lamp works perfectly. 
 Your guests may like to sleep in but a small alarm clock is also a nice touch.

Must Have #6
Toiletry Tote
A real bonus for any guest is having their own bathroom but

I know that is not always an option. In any case, a cute and simple
touch is adding extra toiletries to a plain metal lunchbox and
placing it in the bathroom. Extra bath soaps, shampoos and a
toothbrush will make any guest feel like they just spent the night
in a high-end hotel!

Must Have #7
One of those item's that just may be asked for by your house guest.
It's happened to me and thankfully I had one even though I do not use it!

Must Have #8
Iron & Ironing Board
All the hotels I have stayed in have them just in case your clothes

are wrinkled and we all know there is something always wrinkled
when you unpack.
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