About Me

Hi my name is Sharon and I am the California native behind California Livin Home. My career began  many years ago in the Fashion Industry in San Francisco. After years working around clothes I decided it was time to leave the fashion world behind and seek out new ventures. With over 40 years experience with sewing and my obsession for fabrics of all kinds I found myself making duvets, curtains and cushions not only for myself but for friends and family as well. Before I knew it I had found my new niche, Home D├ęcor, creating pillows, cushions and draperies for clients and eventually selling my pillows in several boutiques in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Since March 2011, I have been creating high quality pillow covers from my home studio in Southern California and selling them online. My passion for all types of fabrics transitioned me from fashion to interiors where I am happiest creating wonderful soft furnishings for people all around the world!  

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