Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Coastal Inspired Entries ~*~ A Must have!

My husband and I love walking our dogs around our neighborhood in the evenings. We get to check out (by stealth mode) our neighbors front door choices. Living in a beach city allows peoples imaginations to soar in color and to pick out some pretty cool glass inserts as well. Most of our neighbors entries are fairly small. No wrap-around porch, just a simple walk up and landing, so the door itself has to grab you to come in!

How about those glass inserts.
Clear - Blah
Crackled - Double Blah
How about a bamboo pattern? or a custom stained glass coastal design. Now were talkin'. Go outside your comfort level. Be different. be the envy of your neighborhood

 We all know about curb appeal. But what about door appeal. This is where you can be creative! No more putting your street number on the top right side by the door and mailbox. Put it down low. Add a bright entry mat or rug. If you have the room add small planters, an andirondack chair or how about a nice coastal wreath.

There are a million colors of paint out there. Don't settle for just plain ole' white. Be bold, be daring. Think of it as buying that pair of shoes that are just a bit different than all your other's or that new hairstyle your hair dresser dared you to try. This is just paint. You don't like it you can paint over it. That is the beauty of it. You will be amazed at how changing your front door color and entry will do to improve the "curb appeal" to your house!

Happy Painting!
Sharon :0)

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