Sunday, February 2, 2014

8 Guest Room Essentials

Happy Sunday Everyone!
I hope your weekend is going splendidly. Now just for a minute, think Hotel. Not a 5-star hotel that would be a little to lofty (or maybe not) but how about a 3-star hotel. Okay, now what do you want in your 3-star hotel room? I know it comes with a bed, but what comforts would you like? When we have guests stay at our house I want to make sure they are comfortable. I want my guests to feel like they are in a hotel suite with all the comforts of home. So, I came up with "My Top-8 Must Have Guest Room Essentials".  It may not be a 5-star hotel, but it is pretty darn close. Make your next guests stay one to remember!
Must Have #1
Comfortable Mattress & White Sheets
I like to sleep in a comfortable bed and the only way to find out
if you have one in your guest room is to sleep in it yourself.
 I also like high thread count sheet sets, preferably in white.  
Make sure your guests stay is one they will remember!

Must Have #2
Most guests will want to relax after a day of shopping.
A nice comfortable chair in the room can get them started!

Must Have #3
Extra Blankets
I have a sister in law that runs a little cold even in Southern California.  

Don't second guess your guests comfort level in any season.
Always have a few extra blankets set out just in case!

Must Have #4
Nothing earth shattering here.
I like to sleep at night preferably in the dark and so do most guest's.
Outdoor street lights, neighbors porch lights can be well, distracting.
Having curtains that darken a room not only allow for privacy but a good 
night's sleep as well.

Must Have #5
Side table/nightstand with lamp & alarm clock

A lot of us read in bed and a nightstand with a table lamp works perfectly. 
 Your guests may like to sleep in but a small alarm clock is also a nice touch.

Must Have #6
Toiletry Tote
A real bonus for any guest is having their own bathroom but

I know that is not always an option. In any case, a cute and simple
touch is adding extra toiletries to a plain metal lunchbox and
placing it in the bathroom. Extra bath soaps, shampoos and a
toothbrush will make any guest feel like they just spent the night
in a high-end hotel!

Must Have #7
One of those item's that just may be asked for by your house guest.
It's happened to me and thankfully I had one even though I do not use it!

Must Have #8
Iron & Ironing Board
All the hotels I have stayed in have them just in case your clothes

are wrinkled and we all know there is something always wrinkled
when you unpack.

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