Friday, February 14, 2014

Pink Room's for Valentine's Day

Hello Everyone and Happy Valentine's Day!
Have you ever found a pillow, area rug or home decor accessory that was primarily pink  and you loved it but had no idea where to use it? Look no further! Whether it's a piece of artwork a sofa or draperies have no fear of the color PINK !!! You can do this.......

Hints of Pink
This area rug is a great jumping point for adding color to an otherwise neutral sea of  ivories. Splash a few solid pink pillows on the sofa and you have a fabulous room.

Or, go all the way!
Around the room that is with painting the walls pink. The white ceilings and trim tone down the pink allowing the furniture and accessories to shine.

Floor to Ceiling
Draperies add a fun element here with bright pink bedding, chair and wall paint.

Fun & Functional Grown Up Room
Pink is no longer just for babies and little girls rooms. Painting shades of pink on the walls behind open bookcases makes all your white accessories POP.

Kick it up!
Adding the hottest pink around on a headboard, chairs and a bench make this plain white room a real eye opener.

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