Monday, January 6, 2014

Off the Wall - Decorating with Plates

Eclectic Mix

Who does not like to decorate on a budget? (I do, I do!) Flea market, thrift stores or yard sale finds to me, are the best if not the most fun to go to and seek out that hidden treasure. You know what I am talking about, the find that has you giddy with anticipation to use it in your own home. I have come across many an item in my time, but I have to say that when I was searching for plate's many years ago to use in my Pique Assiette projects is when I first fell in love with plates. All patterns and colors, but most of all the endless amount of shapes. After working with them for some time, I decided to start decorating with them. I found that hanging them on the wall was not only an inexpensive way to fill an expansive space, but the wow factor you got when you hang them with other wall decor, like art and mirrors. Plates are an inexpensive and colorful way to decorate in so many rooms of your home. If you think that they can only be in the kitchen, entry or bedroom you will be surprised. There are also many different ways they can be hung. So find your flea market, thrift store or yard sale find and try some of these great ways to display them.

Making a shape with the plates like this diamond.

French Country

Contrasting wall for a vivid P*O*P of color!

Shabby Chic

Seaside Fish. I love this idea! Purchase several of each size and hang horizontally and vertically for a fun effect!
This is another one of my favorites and who would of thunk the BATHROOM of all places!
Contemporary decorative glass.
here is where a mirror becomes the focal point with a plate surround
Farmhouse Chic
Romantic Cottage
A nursery may be the very last place you would think of, but finding plates in the same colors of the bedding looks unexpected and fun.
Eclectic pattern mix
Oh yes..... and why not Outside!

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  1. I love, love. loved this post! I also love plates and have them on walls of every room.....always have, and always will!


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