Wednesday, January 22, 2014

10 Repurposed & Upcycled Projects

Hello and Happy Hump Day!
I must admit, I am a real yard sale hound. If there is a yard sale on a Saturday morning I am there! Have you ever come across an item that you just can not pass up. The price is right, it's calling your name, you know the item that jumps out at you and screams "Buy ME and turn me into something else"! 
Need some ideas for item's you have been meaning to do something with (you know that pile in the garage with a tarp over it) your stash of goodies that you tell your husband or yourself on a monthly basis that it is not junk and will become something someday. I have listed 10 of my favorites. Which one is yours?

I love this one!
Have room in your kitchen for a chic addition?
Have an old dresser you want to revive?
Look no further with this charming old dresser turned
move able kitchen island. Some paint and a new top
 ( I'm thinking butcher block or a scrap piece of granite)
and transform this ugly duckling into one awesome
and might I add essential part of any kitchen.
Add wheels, paper towel holder and hooks for utensils.

For the doodler... how about a creative way to hold colored
pencils and paper?
Use an old book by removing the pages, add handles.

I do love this one.
I just don't have an extra dingy laying around to do this though, bummer!

 Old Tins make a great catch all for all things office or sewing.
Center dowel creates the tiers.

I could really use this in my sewing studio!

Towels wash so easily and we are always buying new ones.
Here is a great idea to use the old ones (just make sure
 they are not all tattered like some of mine are)
Give them a new
 life as a great outdoor table cover.

How about a move able rolling coffee table book case
made from an old wooden spool for wire!

Repurposed Truck Spring Kitchen Stools.

Now this has to be one of my all time favorites. Taking old watches that
 don't work anymore and putting locket size pictures in place of the clock face.
Absolutely ingenious!

Pallet Table: Sand, cut & place, stain, varnish, done!
Love it!

Take an old globe, cut it in half and you have a great place to put shells, or anything else.

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