Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Treasure *~*~* Beach Glass

First find of the afternoon!
  This past Saturday was another beach day for my husband and me. We set off to the beach for a couple hours of our favorite pastime, collecting sea glass. Why collect sea glass? What is it about a piece of worn surf-tumbled glass that is so alluring? To us it is the hunt! As a native Californian I am very lucky to live by the beach. My husband and I enjoy taking long walks along the surf to find our colorful treasures. We have made it our “Saturday thing to do”. Get up in the morning, do our chores than off on our beach cruisers to the beach when the tide is low. After a storm is the best. I can honestly say that it has become a passion of ours. To find a shiny piece of bright green glass than followed by a clear piece and then another in amber. Once you start the hunt, it is hard to stop. This past Saturday was what we called a good glass day!

   Being able to spend time at the beach, watching and listening to the surf and seeing an occasional sunset gives one a very relaxing sense of connection with the ocean. The ocean provides one with respect of its sheer vastness and alluring mystery. To a child, I have found it is an excitement, a mystery of how the tide comes in than goes out, bringing with it an assortment of seaweeds and tiny shells.

   While walking the beach I have learned quite a bit from my husband. He is a walking encyclopedia about all things ocean, describing species of seaweed, shells and the ebbs and flow of the almighty sea. On this day we came upon a few rocks that had kelp attached to them. “Those are called holdfast” a “holdfast is a root like structure like kelp that anchors or literally glues itself to a substrate (rock) my husband replied.

Fishermen fishing for Sand Sharks.

A pair of needle nose pliers I found made for easy glass digging.

A rock shaped exactly like a chicklet!

Our day ended with a good haul of glass treasures from our favorite glass hangout,
Doheny Beach in Dana Point, CA.

thanks for taking a peek ~
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