Friday, January 11, 2013

DIY Headboard Ideas * Recycle-Up-Cycle!

A Great headboard can completely transform a bedroom and make a beautiful focal point. Sure you can take the easy route and purchase one from a furniture store but why not improvise and come up with a headboard that takes the originality level in your bedroom to the moon! There are so many ideas out there and I bet you have a great imagination or you would not be here reading my blog. Have a limited budget? One can become very creative with tossed out items. You name it. Anything from door frames, mantels, picket fences, fabric, it can be used! This is one way to recycle or should I say up-cycle something that may have been tossed in the garbage or just collecting dust in the attic.... say a few old oars or shutters. If you are looking for incredible headboard ideas, you are in luck, as I have gathered a collection of inspiring headboard ideas that will surely fit with your bedroom and your budget. Many of them you can make on your own. So make that personal statement in your bedroom and check out the pics I have below. Don’t forget to let me know which one is your favorite!

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Shhhhh. Shutter's sleeping........zzzzzzz.

How about a string of capiz shells. Remember those old door hangers with beads? You get the idea!


Spray paint that old room divider and have an instant fabulous headboard idea.

Shelf with pegs and cushion. Voila! Headboard. Magnifique!!

Old chippy windows with fabric pasted onto pane. How creative~

This is something you may have in your attic.....old hockey sticks.

Uphostered fabric boards!

Door + Gate = GREAT headboard idea!

Simple fabric screens.

You are not mistaken. That is a pallet!

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