Monday, January 7, 2013


The Emerald City

Last month/last year Pantone named "Emerald” the color for 2013. No surprise here. Green is my favorite color and Emeralds are my favorite gemstone. My birthstone is green (Peridot) and my eyes are green. I am just a green lovin' gal.

but did you know......
The green of the emerald is the color of life and of the springtime, which comes round again and again. Emerald has also been known for centuries  to have been the colour of beauty and of constant love. In ancient Rome, green was the colour of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love. And today, this color still occupies a special position in many cultures and religions. The magnificent green of the emerald is a color which conveys harmony, love of nature and elemental joie de vivre. The human eye can never see enough of this unique colour.


thanks for taking a peek ~
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