Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Simple Monday Project REVEALED!

I told you yesterday I would be back with a completed Simple Monday Project out of my pile of driftwood, and here it is.

First, I took my pile and layed them out.
 I took some string jute and cut 6 - 36" long pieces.
 I tied a double knot at the top of the center piece of driftwood, than another double knot.

I apologize for my pics. I was outside and had a shadow following me!
 I proceeded to wrap and double knot each piece of driftwood and proceeded to the next repeating the process tying them all together with the jute. At the end and last piece of driftwood double knot tightly!

First row done. Let's move to the side.
Repeat the process :
Wrap - Knot - Wrap- Knot
Row 2 all done !
Move on to other side.

I had to move out of the sun it was getting too hot!
 Continue with the other side, remembering at each bottom piece you double knot. No need to be perfect...it's art!
 After all the jute was tied I continued with taping off a section with Green Frog tape. This suff is great, the paint bleeds very little underneath since it is a bumpy surface but use it inside on your walls and you will get no bleed through! I painted the area a nice Aqua Blue and......
....then added a penciled "SEAS THE DAY" and painted it in Navy. I may add a White outline of the letters I have not decided yet.
Add a jute hanger on the back side, hang and you have yourself

I hope you like it!!!!

Thanks for taking a peek~
Sharon :0)

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  1. What an innovative idea! I love people who can actually execute...something I tend to lack...GREAT blog


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