Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dachshund Love - The Beach Life!

When I was a kid, we had mutts, their breed, we had no idea. They were small dog’s we found and eventually kept as our own. I can remember: Larly, Baby and Puppy. We loved them and they loved us. My husband's family owned slightly larger dogs. They were true breeds. German shepherd’s, Great Dane's and the all mighty Dachshund! 

I had always wanted a Dachshund. I can’t remember why, I just wanted one. It may have been the pet store when I was a kid that was downtown. You walked by and the puppies were in the window. I can also recall a song, “How much is that doggy in the window?” Nevertheless, a dachshund was what I was going to get but it would be much later in life. Ten years ago I got my first. A year and a half later our second. Cayenne is our oldest (she just turned 10) she is a Smooth Red and Callie (she's 8) she is our Black & Tan. They have a pet, her name is Purrsia and she is our Cat. She was the first one on the scene but lets the dog's rule the roost, and she is okay with that arrangement. We have had our pups since they were babies and they go everywhere with us, and I mean everywhere. They are a breed that loves attention, plays hard and gives you unconditional love (unless it is dinner time). They love the beach and life so much that I wanted to share some of my favorite pics with you.

Thanks for taking a peek~
Sharon :0)

The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog. ~Ambrose Bierce

Momma & Callie in Depoe Bay, Oregon. We are so cold!

Callie in Newport, Oregon

Callie loves rubbing in everything!!

Cayenne in Toledo, Oregon at Depot Slough

Our #1 Weiner!

Cayenne at Oregon's beautiful Coastline

Pals forvever~
What's not to LOVE!

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