Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I stand corrected!

Here in Orange County we have a Mediterranean climate. Our average year-round temp is 68. We have about 12-16” annual rainfall. We have 42 miles of beaches that attract millions of tourists annually. Huntington Beach, nicknamed "Surf City, U.S.A.", is a hotspot for many surfing competitions. But the most well known destination to most everyone on earth is of course Disneyland and Disneyland California Adventure in Anaheim. So I thought~
Since I am currently in the Mobile, Alabama area with my husband on his job for the summer we have been taking in all things southern. The food, the history and the friendly hospitality of the locals that live here.  I was talking to a little girl last week that spoke a mile a minute. Now mind you, I speak a mile a minute too but this little girl had me beat! She did not take a breath or come up for air in the 10 minutes I spoke with her! Her genteel southern accent spoke with tales of school, a classmate with a cell phone, what was she going to do for the summer and her new dog Lucky! When I was able to get a word in I told her I was from California and lived close to Disneyland. Well that was it! How could I possibly live by Disneyland in California? “Disneyland (Disney World) is in Florida”, she clamored, not California! I told her that Disneyland in California was the original, the first location that opened in 1955, and the must-see place for all children. Well, needless to say, that was a mistake. I was quickly and I mean quickly corrected that Disneyland in Florida is and has always been the original. I didn’t want to continue the debate because I knew I would lose. She had me beat. Her 20 mile and hour southern accent and a 10 year olds determination cannot beat a California girl, standing in 90 degree heat not to mention the 65% humidity. That was it. Disneyland is and always has been in Cal I mean Florida! Now I need to get in the shade~

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