Friday, June 10, 2011

Create a Vignette!

We all have shelves. Some have books on them, some family photos and others may just carry weight of all kinds of found baubles. I will be the first to say it's hard to decorate first. We put all our great finds together throw them up on the first shelf and presto, change-o, done. Well not quite yet.  We find something we like, we buy it and then we take it home to place it somewhere, anywhere! And hopefully our husbands or friends won't say, "You bought another one of those"! We all have different tastes. We take ideas we see or read and incorporate them into our homes. So with that said I have put together an assortment of "like" items, Coastal Inspired. Some of you may have an art glass collection all throughout your house. Pull all these items together, select your favorites and make a vignette. Different sizes and colors of these "like" items tell a story. Your scattered glass now is a collection of art glass. It makes a bolder statement.  
Now go dust off those shelves and create a Vignette!

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