Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day ~ GREEN Interiors

Hello everyone & Happy St. Patty's Day! We all become a little Irish whether we have the ancestry or not on St. Patty's Day. I could get in my car right now and drive down the 405 freeway in stop and go traffic and I bet I would see my fair share of drivers wearing the color green. Green happens to be my favorite color. Maybe because I was born in August and my birthstone is Peridot, but whatever the reason I love green. It is all around us in nature and I get to wear it every day. My eyes are green. Here are a few of some of my favorite green interiors. You may like a little of it or a lot. Whatever the case may be check these out and see how you can add a wee bit or a whole lot of the Green to your living space. Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

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