Saturday, November 9, 2013


November is the time of year that we all start thinking about the holidays. We start bringing the boxes down from the attic or up from the basement or in from the garage with all the markings, "Xmas Stuff", "Lights", "Xmas Paper & Ribbon" and so on and so forth. Our "Thanksgiving stuff" is usually already inside, but hidden, tucked away all neatly in drawers and closets.... it's not much, barely would  fill a tote but, we need it for our Thanksgiving dinner table.

You probably have a turkey platter (and it has a turkey motif on it) and the Thanksgiving themed table runner but there are always odds and ends you need to shop for. Fall foliage and those totally necessary pumpkin scented candles. And how about that Fall Wreath you made last year tucked away some place you just can not remember.

Well this year instead of decorating for "the one day" why not the whole entire month? Fall colors are all around us outside this time of year so why not bring a little of that color-warmth inside. Pantone's 2013 Fall Color selection can help. From Teals to Purple and Reds. Orange to Chocolate Brown. Check out the pictures below to get great ideas on accessories like vases and pillows that you may already own in these fall colors and pull them all together in your living and dining areas to create your own one of a kind November Fall Home for you and your guests this Thanksgiving.

Thanks for taking a peek!

How about adding a few pumpkins to your porch with your address stenciled on the front?
Fall Foliage

Marine Blues

Green & Navy

Change out bedding.....

Add a little "fall color" to a vignette.
Treat your guests to a splash of color upon their arrival.

Free berries and foliage right in your own backyard can be placed in a vase for added color.

Fall Pillow

Splashes of one color!

Make an arrangement from found items at the beach.

Small touches.

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