Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DIY - Fence Flower Box

Andrew's Masterpiece Completed
I am usually the creative one in our family. Not to say my husband has no creativity but I am the one who usually thinks up projects for us to do. Okay, mostly for him to do, but I help. This time though it was 100% all his idea. My husbands idea was to have something growing up or coming down our back yard fence that happens to be made out of good ole painted rough redwood and not the prettiest stuff. He first planted Birds of Paradise in hopes that would create a focal point instead of a plain fence. That was great but he wanted more. So with his mind racing with his grand idea we headed off to Lowe's for the lumber. His idea by the way was to install on the top rail of the fence a very narrow planter box for just enough plantings of vines and flowers that would run about 20'.

So without further delay are 21 self-explanatory pics to show you just how we (he) did it! 

Total Cost $120 for 20' of wonderful!

Materials Used:
Rough Redwood 
1x4's for the bottom and back
1x6's Fence Boards (dog ear cut off) for front facing
Measuring Tape
Table Saw
Safety Goggles


thanks for taking a peek ~
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  1. I like it! And actually I like your fence, it is neutral and blends nicely. And if you ever change the plants you might want to consider succulents, upright and all the trailing types. After they are established they don't require as much water and that will help extend the life of the wood. Nice idea.

  2. Hi Dee,

    Great idea! We never thought of succulents but that would be a perfect replacement! Many Thanks~~~~


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