Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy PEEPS Easter!

This Easter while scouring the Internet for egg-decorating ideas I actually stumbled upon the PEEPS web site. You know what I am talking about. Those gooey little yellow baby chick sponge-like candies that you would get in your Easter basket every year. Of course I would eat the hollow chocolate bunny first, than the cellophane wrapped chocolate eggs and any other candy laying around in my basket, but those PEEPS were always the last thing left. To a kid that usually ate chocolate trying this peculiar marshmallow-like morsel was more of a curiosity factor than anything. Kind of like those pastel colored almonds that are wrapped in tulle (netting) and given as favor's at weddings. Okay now I am really dating myself and who actually does that anymore? Who ate them? Not me, not even as a kid attending a wedding, but the curiosity was always there. What did they taste like? Were they in my basket merely for decoration? I had to know. But a little yellow spongy chick, could I really eat it and like it? If my memory serves me correctly (hey! I am old) those little bite-sized candies were pretty sugary, and to a kid (and some adults) that is not a bad thing. I believe I did try the curious little yellow creature on one occasion. It was like eating a marshmallow with enough sugar to have any kid ricocheting off the walls in the event he or she ate too many of them.

PEEPS are not just a candy anymore that you see at Easter, and they do not just come in yellow chicks, PEEPS has become an institution! There are recipes, contests they even have a PEEPS event calendar for Pete's sake! PEEPS are now celebrated for Valentine's Day, Halloween and Christmas. They come in shapes like: hearts, stars, gingerbread men, reindeer, teddy bears, pumpkins, ghosts and cats. PEEPS are chocolate covered, chocolate dipped come in vanilla creme flavored, peppermint flavored, gingerbread and chocolate mousse! So please do not forget the PEEPS this Easter, they will bring back childhood memories in no time and have you smiling!


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