Friday, July 6, 2012

Only in So Cal ~

Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas
“Only in Southern California” as I jokingly replied to my sister in law when we strolled in to watch MIB 3 into CinĂ©polis our new local Luxury Cinemas, a few weeks ago. Upon entering, we were immediately dazzled by plush seating in the bar and lounge areas. Want Sushi? They have it. How about taking a seat in the Theatre and being served by a waiter or waitress just by the touch of a button? The menus offer a wide variety of food, beverage, gourmet foods, and desserts not to mention the usual theater faire. How about being pampered while watching the movie in an electric plush reclining leather seat and oh did I mention they have a foot rest too. This luxury movie theater also allows you to buy and pick your seats online. If you like you can watch the trailers of the movies they are playing on the self-serve touch screen to if you are not sure what you want to see.

 Finally, enjoy the show, projected with state of the art digital sound and projection equipment, including many titles offered in 3D for the whole family. Yours for only $23 a ticket. Oh I know… I crazy? Well we were that night. The movie was great the service was exceptional and the reclining seats were to die for. But only that one time we said. Relatives were visiting. My nephew thoroughly enjoyed the “Only in California experience”. Only this once. Our one big movie splurge for the year.

So Spiderman just came out the other day……….

Thanks for taking a peek~
Sharon :0)

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