Saturday, January 28, 2012

Color Watch: Green Tones for the Home

Just as green brings life to nature it also brings life inside your home. What is your favorite color? I am betting its blue, but did you know next to blue people are absolutely crazy about the color green and green is second only to blue as a favorite color. Apart from being the favorite color for many people green is also the most visible color on the color spectrum. There are many shades of green from forest to lime and generally they make us feel relaxed and at ease. Green brings us soothing sensations and relaxing feelings. Green is also an ideal backdrop in interior design. As we transition between seasons green is an easy color to use as an accent without transforming your entire space.Whether you choose to purchase a pillow, glass piece, paint a wall or bring the outdoors in, green can freshen your look all year long. Some great examples:

 Green was also the favorite color of George Washington and is my favorite color! Bet you didn’t know that!

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  1. My favorite color too! Except I like a less pasty shade...


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